How Much Money Can You Make Tuning Pianos? 

See line item 1a) on the 2013 Bradshaw Piano Service corporate tax return above: $190,241 a year, for certain! Line item # 19 is $87,374 of my deductible expenses.  $75,000 of that $87,374 was labor expense; a secretary’s salary… MY WIFE! My salary was line item # 7:  $48,234. Then, $75,000 for my wife’s salary. That makes for a "married couple filing jointly" income of $123,234! THIS, being accomplished in Arkansas; the 49th poorest state in the Union, save Mississippi! If you don’t live in Arkansas or Mississippi, your income, can be, resultingly higher!

 "How To Earn $200,000 A Year Tuning Pianos" book AND "How To Sell Your Piano Tuning Business for SIX FIGURES" books are BOTH here! Click on the SHOP button at the top of this page!

Chapter 3 of “How To Earn $200,000 A Year Tuning Pianos"

“A tuning appointment is just your opportunity to get your foot in the door.”A $180 tuning appointment is by no way the “end all, be all”. It truly is NOT the real reason to go to a piano’s venue. What SHOULD be the real reason, is to get your foot in the door to OPPORTUNITY! The $180 tuning, should, pale in comparison to what you have been given the opportunity to do! And that my friends, is the “Opportunity to Upsell”.

ONE of the keys to earning $200,000 a year is capitalizing on the Opportunity of Upselling. Why do I say, the opportunity of upselling”? Because THIS, is where 90% of “tuners” and piano technicians fail themselves! They THINK of themselves as just a “tuner”. THAT is where they are losing 70% of the income that is available to them! But, they CHOOSE not to make it. Why do I say they “choose” not to make it?

75% of piano tuners and piano technicians make under $50,000 a year tuning pianos. By merely following the methodologies and strategies in the 12 chapters of this book, it would result in them, earning $200,000+ a year….

As a “Piano Technician that Upsells”!

So, what are these “Income Streams” that will earn you $200,000+ a year? When and how do you use them? We will get into each one and answer all the who, what, when and how questions for all of the six “Income Streams” in the following chapters of this book.

Chapter 10 of “How To Earn $200,000 A Year Tuning Pianos”

Participate in Home Shows! This may sound “out in left field” to some of you, for a piano tuner to purchase a booth and work a Home Show. But, THIS, is where your overwhelming audience is! THIS, is where the homemakers are! THIS, is where the husband and wife go together, to find what they need or just want, for their home. They are in the mindset to spend thousands at a show like this. BE THERE, for your share!

Do at least two Home Show / Garden Shows per year! These shows attract women and homeowners; YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE! THIS, is where the hidden money and jobs lie in the piano technical trade! The more upscale the Show, the more affluent the city and neighborhood, the better! I have done these TWICE A YEAR for the past 30 years, with great success! The contacts I have made at these shows, have proven invaluable to me and my piano business over the past 30 years.

A reminder about piano tuning while at the Home Show, with both heads of the household there, make it almost a no-brainer for them to set an appointment with you, or at LEAST, enter your drawing for a FREE Piano Tuning!

Buy a professional looking drawing box for the Home Show patrons to enter your drawing for a “FREE $180 Value Piano Tuning”. On your entry form, have lines for their name, address, phone number, e-mail address, what kind of piano they own and when it was last tuned.
I usually receive from 200 to 700 entries from EACH Home, Garden or County Fair type booth over the course of a 2-3 day Show!
On the Monday morning following the Show, you will have an average of 400 entries in the drawing box. At 9:00 a.m. Monday morning, not next week, but at 9:00 a.m., you and your phone team; call EVERY LAST ONE of the 400+ entrants!

I’ve learned over 30 years of Home Shows, you can realistically expect 66% of your entrants to say; No, maybe later.
 BUT, the 33% of the 400 entrants that say "YES"  =  132 tuning appointments at $180 each  =  $23,760!  CREATED, out of thin air!
All you have to do is sit in a booth, talk and eat funnel cake! By Monday evening, after the phone calls, you will have generated 132 new tunings, entered into your schedule book! 
The above is for 2 days, a weekend’s work. What if you did, TWO shows a year?! Four days work; 2 shows x 132 tunings each show = 264 tunings x $180 = $47,520! 4 days of work to generate $47,000 + . What if you did just 6 days of work to generate $71,........?! 

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The above, are just TWO of the 12 chapters in the book! The remaining 10 chapters of “How To Earn $200,000 A Year Tuning Pianos”, reveals “HOW YOU”, can absolutely earn $200,000 per year. This $200,000 + income has been achieved for 15 of the last 16 consecutive years; save Covid 2020. These types of strategies and methodologies, are in all 12 chapters, gleaned from the author’s 50-year tenured experience as a self-employed piano tuner/technician.

It CAN be done! 

Book Purchaser’s Reviews:
Ryan Hassell
 November 7 at 12:37 PM ·
Just finished reading Barry Bradshaw’s book “How to Earn $200,000 a Year Tuning Pianos.” It is very good and a quick read. I’m only a part-time tuner. I teach choir at a public school full-time. I plan to retire from teaching though in about 5 years at which time my piano business will be my main focus. Even though I’m part-time I average about 300 pianos a year. It was nice to read in his book that more money is not made by tuning more pianos, but from what he calls “up selling.” I totally agree with him. I highly encourage you to buy the book and give it read. There is a lot of great information that can be gleaned from his 50 plus years of experience.

BOOK REVIEW from the Administrator of Facebook Covenant Piano Technicians International Group 

Todd Scott


Group expert

· November 4 at 10:45 PM ·

Dear Members: 

I have personally read Barry Bradshaw's new book, "How to Earn $200,000 a Year Tuning Pianos" and found that this book is both EXTREMELY professional and very well written for the Professional Piano Technician at ANY level.

His 50 years of experience shows as having been the Quality Department Head in the Baldwin Piano Factory, a Steinway & Sons dealership technician and as a resident university technician. Not to mention, his thousands of clients.

It's obvious Barry didn't write this book to make money, seeing the compassion that he has for the field Technician. I can tell you first hand, this knowledge will inevitably make you more money, if you follow the guidelines set forth by Barry.

I've read this book carefully from cover to cover and can only say, buy the book... It doesn't matter how many years of experience that you have, you will find ways to simplify and grow your business, while making more money and working less.

He is 100% transparent and even reveals his business tax return to provide evidence, that you can absolutely make that kind of money utilizing the techniques written in the book!

Todd Scott, Founder and Administrator of Covenant Piano Technicians Worldwide 


ANOTHER Purchaser’s Book Review:

Nick Cook

Piano Technician

...I also want to thank Barry Bradshaw for the advice in his book. I went here just for a key, but "upsold" a soundboard cleaning, sticky key repair, tuning and voicing work on this piano's very hard hammers. Barry's book is really helpful to help you realize how to serve customers better and make more money at the same time. My income has really taken off since following a lot of advice written the book. Thank you very much, Barry. All these things together equaled a big job and the customer was really happy with the results of each task.


Rick Demske

Piano Technician

Hello Barry, I am greatly inspired by your book, "How To Earn $200,000 A Year Tuning Pianos"! I purchased the electronic copy from you Jan. 29th and I've read the whole thing four times so far! I feel like it was written just for me. I just ordered the paperback copy from your website as well. I've decided to really go for it and follow all your advice and see If I can revolutionize my business. I've been tuning and servicing pianos for eight years and I've found that while I'm very skilled at that part of it, I'm not very good with the business side. Thanks so much for writing the book and sharing your knowledge with all of us other technicians!


Daniel Pena

Piano Technician

Brother, this information that you're selling should be $5,000 to buy this book! I almost think you're insane for selling for $25.


Learn how to earn $200,000 a year tuning pianos! 

OR, if you are looking at Selling your piano tuning business, view the "How To Sell Your Piano Tuning Business for SIX FIGURES" book available in both digital or paperback versions.

Go to "SHOP" at the top of this page to purchase either book.


Barry Bradshaw

Barry Bradshaw

Bradshaw Piano Service, Inc.


Ready to sell your Piano Tuning Business?! You will have ONE opportunity to "Get It Right"! No dress rehearsals. It would only make sense then, to learn from one who SOLD their piano tuning business in 2021, for $150,000 wouldn't it?!


50 years of proven strategies and methodologies worth, literally, THOUSANDS of times more than the cost of this $30 book!

Would you pay $30 bucks to learn how to generate 132 tunings out of thin air? THAT is just ONE chapter! There are 11 more chapters for you to glean how to earn YOUR family, $200,000 this year.


YOU, can do it too! I've done it for 15 of the last 16 years; save Covid 2020.                              Knowledge is Power.  Don't "knock your head against the financial wall" for the next 20 years when, the answers are here for.....$30!



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